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Bruins Come Up Short in 1-0 Loss to Detroit



By Greg Celona – Published on Friday, April 18, 2014 10:34 PM

The Boston Bruins fell to the Detroit Red Wings in a close 1-0 battle on Friday night.

Up until the third period, it almost seemed as if the game would never advance from a scoreless tie. With both teams playing a fairly good defensive game, there wasn’t much room for either offense to really make any big plays.

The Red Wings did a great job of restricting the time the Bruins had in the offensive zone on even strength situations. By doing so, they were able to minimize the scoring chances that Boston could create.

That’s not to say the Bruins never had a chance, the B’s had a few memorable scoring chances in the third period that could have easily given them a one goal lead.

“We had some really good chances. Very close ones. But that’s the way it goes. You’ve just got to keep going and try to score on those” Zdeno Chara reflects on the close matchup in game one.

“It was a very close game – a very tight checking game. Not much room. It’s just very even. That’s what we kind of expected.”

Even though these teams are divisional opponents, the playoffs are a much different animal. Both teams are putting their best foot forward and not holding anything back. The first game of any series is where you learn what the series will be like, and what the team needs to do to win.

Patrice Bergeron and his team understand that they have a tough series ahead of them:

“I think it’s two teams that play pretty solid systems and they stick to it. There wasn’t much on both sides of the ice. And that’s it. We’re going to have to expect that for the rest of the series and find ways to create some offense.”

Tonight, it all came down to just one goal. Pavel Datsyuk was the only man to find the back of the net, and it came in the form of a pretty nice play on the rush. The Red Wings forward showed off his quick release and beat Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask low to the glove side.

Rask stopped 24 shots on the night, but the only one he let in turned out to be the game-winner. He recalls Datsyuk’s play:

“He was by himself there and so I’m just thinking a shot and he drags it across and releases from his legs.  You just try to get the puck in your eyes and I couldn’t.  Usually he tries to make a pass, but I thought he was by himself there.”

Game one may not have turned out the way Boston wanted it to, but you need four wins to advance. This series is far from over, and right now, it’s time for the B’s to focus on game two. Zdeno Chara knows it’s time to move forward:

” It’s the first game. We’ve got a day tomorrow, we’ve got to do our best to regroup and get ready for the next game.”

It’s the playoffs, you can’t expect to win every game. It’s how a team comes back from a loss that shows how strong they really are.

Game two is set for Sunday afternoon at 3:00 PM in Boston.

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Greg Celona
Greg studies Journalism at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, He is a student assistant for UMass Lowell athletic communications.. He has been covering hockey since May 2013. You can contact him via email at You can also find him on Twitter @G_Celona

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